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Thread: Extra Easy: Side Dishes

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    Extra Easy: Side Dishes

    What are peoples favourite Slimming World friendly Side dishes? I'm having a BBQ (Indoor or outdoor dependent on the weather) at the weekend for The OH's birthday. I want to make some slimming world friendly sides. Is there any that people would recommend. I plan on making a large rice dish, and putting pickles and beetroot out for people, but id there anything else I could do? TIA

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    Hi CJ
    How about a bowl of roast veg? Carrots, parsnips, red onion/pepper, squash all roast well and you could even do it the day before to save time on the day. Roast alone or with garlic/italian herbs.
    I like to do choc covered strawberries for a little treat, or a vodka jelly if its an occasion!
    Veg kebabs would work nicely on an actual BBQ, and potato salad can make a nice side that keeps well afterwards.
    Hope this helps!

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    SW chips...cooked in the oven obviously but they're a must!
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    A curry loaf sliced up would work, even a SW quiche, or a veggie fritatta, things like fish sticks and lean meats.

    Have fun xx

    EDIT: Actually, I just remembered someone saying they do their curry loaf in muffin tins, that would work even better!
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    Potato salad, tomato and onion pasta, houmous made from blending chickpeas, quark and herbs/spices of your choice...serve it with vegetable batons, celery, carrot etc.

    Lisa xxx

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    I make a gorgeous Syn-free mango salsa, which would be perfect with BBQ food! It's just:

    - 1 mango, chopped
    - red onion, finely chopped
    - 1 x tsp crushed chillies
    - Juice of half a lime
    - Fresh coriander

    Simply mix all of the above together! I had it recently with some chilli, ginger and lime chicken and vegetable kebabs and salad. It was absolutely gorgeous!

    Princess Stevie

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