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Thread: Two syn Tiramisu

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    Two syn Tiramisu

    Thanks to Bunnylush for the original idea of the yoghurt /quark mixture!

    • 1 tub Mullerlight Skinny Cappuccino yoghurt
    • 1 tub fat free Quark
    • 6 sponge finger biscuits (mine are Sainsbury's brand, 23 calories each)
    • Shot of espresso or similar amount of strong instant coffee
    • Up to 1 tbsp Marsala wine (optional - I didn't use this)
    • 1/4 tsp cocoa powder, for dusting

    1. Mix quark and yoghurt together until well combined, stir in wine if using. Set aside.
    2. Pour shot of coffee into a small bowl or jug, dip sponge fingers (broken in half) in briefly to soak.
    3. Divide sponge fingers across 4 small ramekins (3 halves in each) and push into bottom to form solid base.
    4. Top with yoghurt mixture divided evenly among the ramekins.
    5. Dust tops with cocoa powder, then pop into fridge for a few hours for flavours to develop.


    There are 35 syn-able calories per pot in this, 40 if you include the wine. So it's 2 syns each. Or 8 if you eat the whole thing.

    Hope you like it!
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    Oh I'm going to have to try this.
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    Oh my god, I love tiramisu, im very guilty of eating family sized trays all to myself, 8 syns for this entire recipe means I will be making this!!! So excited!!

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