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Thread: Help please...I need Picnic Food ideas on SW

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    Help please...I need Picnic Food ideas on SW

    Does anyone have any simple ideas for picnic foods that don't need to be kept in a cool bag?

    I really don't want to sabotage myself with Syns so really low syns would be fine

    thank you x

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    Mini quiches are great cold.

    Pasta salad with chicken or quorn.

    Sw style scotch eggs.

    Chaat is a good one as it's eaten cold

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    I always find a plate of salad boring, however have come to love a big bowl of chopped salad for supper or a snack during the day when I am struggling to fit in a HexA choice.

    Chop your salad veggies into small pieces, grate in your HexA portion of cheese (optional) and mix in chopped ham.

    I love this as it is, or you can add any other free foods you wish such as chopped boiled eggs, any leftover meats, beetroot, pickles....the list is endless. There's also the option of a syn free or low syn dressing, personally I don't feel it needs this but each to their own.

    This salad also makes a great filling for pitta breads and wraps (certain kinds only as HexB)

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