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Thread: Recipes with 101 ingrediants

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    Recipes with 101 ingrediants

    Is it just me, or are most of these delicious recipes made with tons of ingredients?

    I have never been a cook, but since doing SW, I have experimented with quite a few recipes but they always require so many different ingredients, half are not my store cupboard staple so costs a fortune to get all the stuff. I also seem to use every saucepan, utensil and bowl going to make them! Maybe its just me lol x
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    Ha i so agree! My husband does our dishes and he curses me every word under the sun when ive gone on cooking spree lol i love cooking tho and was the same before sw - used all my kitchenware at once. I do help and try wash some as i go.

    he never seens to complain when ive made shortbread for him tho....

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