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Thread: Early morning snack

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    Early morning snack

    Hi everyone. Just thought I would ask all you lovely helpful people out there for some ideas. I am fine with my meals ,
    Breakfast - weetabix fruit and yoghurt
    Lunch- salad
    Dinner- meat and veges of some sort usually
    Snack- bowl of fruit

    But I get up at 5 to start work at 7 but tea break not until 10. It's too early to eat before I leave home but I find that I'm starving before I get my breakfast. Any ideas of what I could have for snacks in the morning? But not Mullerlights as don't like them. I can just about stomach the one yoghurt a day to get my calcium as don't take milk or eat cheese really either

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    What about a boiled egg? Can prep the night before and eat on the move
    Or a cereal bar- syn it or as your hexb depending on brand ? You could then have another with your fruit and yoghurt.
    Or a banana? Nice filling fruit

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    Thanks Rosiepops. I've bought some Alpen Lights to give them a try. Never tried them before as never thought they would be my type of food tbh. Have a boiled egg in my salad so ones enough for the day. Don't eat bananas either as they play havoc with my IBS. It sounds like I'm really fussy but there's only about 5 things in the world I don't like and they are used so much in SW.

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    I make mini quiches in silicone muffin cases. Just whisk eggs, some lean ham or chicken/bacon/whatever meat you fancy with veg and salt and pepper, bake till they're cooked, usually aboutb15 minutes for my oven. They keep in the fridge for 4 days and you can fill them with loads of superfree
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    Thank you Melissa.

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    Hi I get up at 6 ish I tend to have a banana and a cereal bar and sometimes and extra piece of fruit then have my breakfast about 10 ish depending how busy it is at work
    This tends to work for me cerial bars are a life saver

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    I'd go with the eggs idea... either hard boiled or making lots of egg muffins as Melissa suggested. It's a great way to use up leftover veg/meats in the fridge as well as getting super free in!

    If you don't want to eat too many eggs, you could always swap your egg at lunch time for some tuna, lean meats or SW falafel?

    Good luck x
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