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Thread: Freezable recipes?

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    Freezable recipes?


    Basically, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to cooking during the week. I can't usually be bothered so I end up eating the same easy things all the time. I have plenty of time on weekends to cook big batches and freeze them to be reheated during the week, but I have no idea what recipes are suitable for this - any ideas? Also, how long will the food last in the freezer before going off? Thanks!
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    Anything "saucy" tends to freeze well: curry, chilli, stews, spag bol, soup etc. The only thing I would be careful about is stuff with potatoes in - they tend to go a bit mushy/watery when defrosted.

    I usually don't go beyond two months for frozen stuff (but I'm vegetarian: meat/fish dishes might need to be eaten sooner?).

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