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Thread: 1st week loss... 2nd week put on??

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    1st week loss... 2nd week put on??

    Hi all,

    I am a bit confused on where I am going wrong!! My first week I lost 2.5lbs, which I was happy about, but its my weigh in Tuesday so I thought I would have a sneaky peek on the scales at home and I've put a pound back on!! So dissappointed!! I have done everything the same and cant understand why I would of put weight on? I have my HEX and always have a super free food with every meal.. I never feel hungry at all. Maybe I am eating too much? I feel so low about this.

    Any help would be nice!

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    Hi, I lost 3 and a half in the first week, put on one and a half in the second.......and then lost 5 in the third week!! We all lose at different rates and can weigh different amounts at different time s of the day....different by several pounds!! Honestly this works if you stick too it, you don't ever need to feel hungry. Three times I have lost two stone in three months on SW....put it back on fault not SW's. Going to stick with it this time and lose the whole six stone I need to lose!! I also notice that you aren't very over weight, a lb or 2 a week is the best way. Good luck and throw away the home scales, just do your weekly weigh in at group and go by that....and speak to your consultant...that's what we pay them for!! xxx

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    I agree don't weigh yourself at home because it makes u feel negative which I honestly think it doesn't help feeling negative x

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