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Thread: I'm back and Re-Joining

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    I'm back and Re-Joining

    Hi all,
    I was last here in April/May 2013 and had lost 2st but then found out i was pregnant with baby Number 2 and i had quite a rough pregnancy so felt i couldn't commit to Slimming World the way i wanted to so took a break. I had baby 5 weeks ago now and have decided to re-join my old group on Tuesday, i'm so determined to lose the weight again, i have a lot to lose (5+ Stone) and i'm dreading getting on the scales to see how much i've put on I'm so excited about re-joining though. i'm currently breastfeeding aswell and am a bit concerned as i read a post where someone said when she joined slimming world she had reduced milk flow.

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    Congrats on your new baby and good luck! x

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    I'm pretty sure you have 3/4 hexa when breast feeding to prevent that Hun, but please don't take my word for it on the amount, but defo sure u get more, maybe post on the main bit asking them to clarify for you if you don't do group, there's bound to be loads of mama's who can help you, oh and congrats x

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