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Thread: my first week, loving it

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    my first week, loving it

    Well, can honestly say ihave had an interesting week. Got stuck a few times, but soldiered on, perservered and LOST 4 LBS. Got home from my meeting and made two different soups and sw cheese scones. Love it, love it, live it.
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    This time is THE LAST TIME, I will succeed.

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    We'll done on your loss!

    do you have the recipe for the cheese scones, I love them!

    *0.5 stone - 15st 12.5lb - 30/01/14
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    *3.0 stone - 13st 5.5lb - 26/06/14
    *3.5 stone - 12st 12.5lb - 23/07/14
    *4.0 stone - 12st 5.5lb - 18/09/14

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    Well done that's a a great loss

    I also second the request for the cheese scone recipe please

    8lb to Target!

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    Fab loss! Well done
    This is the thread for cheese scones, think there's a few variations on there too- let me know how they are if you make them before me! (Cheese scones. Free on green.)

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