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Thread: Feeling nervous!

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    Red face Feeling nervous!

    Hi, I am new to this so would love to get chatting to people for support and advice!

    started slimming world 2 weeks ago,

    week 1: 7lb loss
    week 2: 1/2lb gain!!!

    Was so annoyed! I know it's not a lot but it's still a gain, after a fab first week I was so optimistic and motivated. I was so good, I ate right and I went swimming a few times. I did however have a BBQ and went TGIs but I still food optimised and didn't go over my syns!

    so feeling nervous for Wednesday weigh in now! as I had a curry last night for my bros birthday, but all I had was:

    1 poppadum
    fish tikka with vegetable curry sauce (separate)
    half boiled rice and salad

    Hope im on the right track!
    reply for a chat!

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    Exactly the same thing happened to me. I lost 7.5lb the first week and then the second week I put on 1.5lbs! I was distraught as I had been going to the gym and stuck to plan 100%.

    My leader looked at my food diary and said there was nothing wrong with it - the only thing that she suggested is that because I am exercising I probably needed a bit more free food than just super free. This week I introduced more pasta and rice and voila - I lost 5lbs!

    Just stick at it. Our bodies have a funny way of holding on to things when they are subjected to a new food plan! I am sure this week will see a good result on the scales - just stay focused.

    Sarah x

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    Hi Laura

    Subscribing to offer chat and support.
    What a great loss so far :-)

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    Hi, that is Grt weight loss. I have been going a week sand my weigh in is tomorrow but according to my scales I have lost nothing more than a pound
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