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Thread: Anyone else doing a Monday weigh in? Could do with a buddy!

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    Anyone else doing a Monday weigh in? Could do with a buddy!

    I started slimming world last Monday and am completely new to it all. I'm also doing it from home so could definitely do with some support and this seems like a brilliant place to get it! Would anyone be interested in joining me? I did my first weigh in yesterday and was delighted to see I'd lost 6lb! Would love to hear how others are doing and share support, advice, tops and recipes etc. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying their journey ��

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    Hello Hun

    Im starting Slimming World from Home This Monday I am going to get weighed tomorrow and I would love to join you in the weekly weigh ins and for support Sunday is easier for me but with it being 1 day apart each I didnt think it would matter too much
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