Hi all been back on sw for 2 weeks now first week lost 3lb 2nd week put on 4oz and gutted cos I stuck to plan not time of the month or anything but I'm really desperate to lose this weight as my wedding dress doesn't do up and I need it to fit as get married 1st august dunno what to do a typical day is 2 alpen bars for hexb mid morning fruit typically apple and orange lunch is more fruit and yogurt then I'll have grapes and some fat free super noodles when I get home and dinner is normally sw chips with either eggs or small amount of cheese and ketchup if I don't eat any syns during day ill have a small chocolate or something to make sure iv had some as was told not to skip them! I think my clothes feel a bit loser but scales giving the wrong number so dunno if I'm imagining my clothes feeling looser arrgghh anyone else ever feel like this?