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Thread: Weigh in at work

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    Weigh in at work

    Back to work today and one if my colleagues said that they had set up a weight loss group if I wanted to join.
    It has grown to 9 people so far but the thing I don't feel at all happy about is everyone knowing my weight
    One person has a list of names & weights which will be viewed by all in group.
    I am just not happy to do this but am being (gently) pressured to join in!
    The group is made up of all shapes & sizes but I would probably be towards the heavier end I would imagine.
    I am just starting back on SW. Have 3-4 stone to loose.

    Any suggestions what to do?
    Just ignore and do my own thing?

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    If you have rejoined a SW group & weekly weigh in I would just stick to that!

    At SW the consultant is there to help you, and you're in a group with like minded people... all there for the same reason.

    Sometimes working environments can get rather *****y... stick to what you know

    Start Weight: 14st 5.5lb
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    Choose your own plan and keep going! Going with the crowd not always a good thing to do. If you have your own understanding of the diet plan and the way you should go, do not listen to others;-) Good luck!

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    Thanks for your replies.
    I'm doing it at home, not going to group. I think I will stick to my own thing and I can always chat re weight loss / diets with them even without joining the group.
    I find that many of my colleagues start diets but it fizzles out very quickly!

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