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Thread: massive binge!

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    massive binge!

    Hiya everyone,
    Just wanted to get this off my chest... Just had a massive binge weekend!

    I am at target still but sometimes have weekends like this where I feel I can't stop eating the bad stuff! Anyone else get this? I just really let myself go and the stupid thing is I feel rubbish afterwards and spend the week trying to pull it back.

    Can anyone relate? I hope I'm not the only one. Dont know why I do it, its not like u can't eat well on slimming world

    My weigh in is Friday so I'll face the music then.....


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    Sometimes when the urge to eat (or drink) the wrong thing the only thing you can do is eat it. I know if I have a craving that I can either torture myself for a day or two and go without and end up having not only the food i craved but more on top... or just have the food, draw a line through the day and move on.

    Just forget about the weekend. No point living in the past. What you need to do is get right back up on the horse. Don't write off the whole week because of one weekend. 100% food optimise from now until friday. Maybe some body magic thrown in for good measure and you can minimize the damage. Or even put it right.

    EDIT: Just realised this post was two weeks old. Hmmm.. my bad.

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