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Thread: worst class :(

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    worst class :(

    Joined a new class last week (have done SW before but couldn't get to my previous class).

    I wasn't too impressed last week as at the new members talk the leader was constantly being distracted by other members coming and going and watching all round the room. The Body Magic talk was hard to hear due to various groups of members talking through it (including the helpers) and I paid a 1 for raffle tickets (as did about 25 other people) only to be told that she hadn't had time to organise a raffle prize so the prize would have to be 2 packets of the SW bars. (this week it looked like 3 bottles of fizzy drink from Tesco, although I didn't bother to stay to see)

    Went again tonight for my 1st weigh in and it was worse. The sales table was very low stocked, I intended to by a free foods book but none left and the woman in from of me wanted some particular bars - none of those either.

    I waited in line to pay my money and the woman taking the money didn't even acknowledge me and talked to her friend across me about how she had the sick bug but it was good as she'd lost 6 lbs. The leader was weighing in as the weighing in woman was late. Just as I got to the scales the weighing lady appeared covered in paint soaked jogging bottoms and top. The leader took my book and card whilst talking to the painted lady then promptly got up and walked off - not a word to me. The weighing in woman plonked herself down grabbed my book, wrote my weight in and handed it back to me - again not a word! I had to look in the book myself to see if I had lost/gained or stayed the same!

    I wont be going back to this class again! Luckily my old class was fantastic so I know its not the norm for slimming world but I really think this class needs a kick up the bum.
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    This is awful, what an unprofessional way to have a class! Hope your other class will be better & please don't think all SW classes are like that, the one I go to is really friendly, weigh ins are discreet & lots of SW products to buy.
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    Wow, if that had been my first experience of a SW class then I wouldn't have bothered to go again either. I'm glad you've had a more postive class before. I guess if the current members are happy with the way the class is run then great for them, but it's not exactly welcoming or encouraging for new members is it?
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    I've just been talkign abotu changing group on another thread but I am so worried that something like this could happen!
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