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Thread: Finally got the tools to destroy my fat suit !!!

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    Diet: Slimming World
    Height: 5ft7in
    Start Date: 04/03/2013
    Start Weight: 14st1.5lb
    Current Weight: 10st11.0lb
    Goal Weight: 10st10lb
    Goal Date: As long as it takes !!

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 30.9
    Current BMI: 23.6
    Goal BMI: 23.5

    Total Weight Loss: 3st4.5lb
    Weight to Lose: 0st1lb
    % Lost 23.54%

    Finally got the tools to destroy my fat suit !!!

    Hi there fellow slimmers

    May last year i gave birth to my 2nd son, in both of my pregnancies i piled on the pounds through eating everyting laden with sugars i could get into my mouth!! my biggest change was my first pregnancy when i weighed 11 stones at 12wks pregnant and 16 stones after giving birth, people who hadnt seen me didnt recognise the new big me!! I didnt just blame my pregnancy for this i just hadnt ever realised how great. . . i thought how great. . . . sugar laden food was!!
    After spending roughly 4 yrs yo yo dieting between 12 & 15 stones i thought enough is enough, aside from my husband pulling his hair out at my constant unhappy whinging, i just knew i wanted my old life back, the one where i could get up and face everday with a smile wearing a nice outfit without even giving it any thought

    Doctors weighed me june 2012 and i was verging on 16st so knuckled down with low calorie diet and zumba dancing 3 times a week, pluwimming once a week, the weight slowly came off over 8 months and on 4th march this year i rejoined slimming world to kick start a quicker more enjoyable weight loss!! i had previously joined january 2011 and sucessfully lost 1st 12lbs before becoming unwell and going into hospital for a week, then going on my hen weekend and then getting married and going on my honeymoon and falling pregnant with my 2nd son, Result FROM THIS!!....WEIGHT GAIN.
    since rejoining i have sucessfully lost 2st exactly dropping from 14st 1.5lbs to 12st 1.5lbs in 14 weeks do i can safely say im on the path to a slim life, but lost my interest in new recipes and cooking so signing on here for inspiration, ideas and help!!!

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    Sounds very similar to me child number 2 and 3 stone heavier... Joined slimming world 2 weeks ago and I feel very positive. Good luck. ��

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