Today I rejoined group. Although I hadn't really left.

This is my story.

I joined slimming world in August 2011, weighing 21 st 9.5 lbs. In August 2013, I had got down to 12 stone 4. The last stone had be a real struggle and I still wasn't at target.

Anyway, I went on holiday and gained 6 lbs. which wasn't so bad. But then life started to spin out of control due to relationships, work and just life really. I also had event after event. I struggled. I gave up caring. I knew I was putting on weight. I cared that I was putting weight on but not enough to do anything about it. I also haven't been at group properly in months. Mainly due to work.

So finally, my hours have finally settled down and I think my head is back in it. So I have rejoined. I have also moved groups. Now I love my original group, I love the people and my mum is a target member there. However, I think I need a break from that environment. So I have moved groups, however I have the same consultant. And like I said, I have rejoined - so I am starting from zero again. No one knows me in that group. They don't know how much I had lost and how much I have currently lost. And that's what I need.

Today was day one, and I wasn't at work so it was a little easier... I work at M&S surrounded by lovely food and a manager who loves to eat. I had 14 syns today mad more fruit than I have been having. I would like to add, it has mainly been my snacking that's cussed the weight gain over the past few months. My meals have always remained slimming world friendly, mainly thanks to my brilliant mum.

I am feeling hopeful and positive about this fresh start. I've got my goal weight, which is currently 12 st 4 (my pre holiday weight) and I want to get to my club 10 ( can't remember off the top of my head, it's 13 something) by January 18th as that is my works Christmas party, I have two dresses that currently don't fit due to my weight gain, I'd liked to wear one of them.

So here it goes.. I have nothing and everything to lose.