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Thread: Am I mad?!

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    Am I mad?!

    For starting a diet two weeks before Christmas and my birthday?!

    Probably, but the thing is my husband has been given a SW referral by his doctor and I want to do everything I can to support him. I was thinking about joining a group again (can't go to the same one as him as we have different work commitments) but life is a bit manic and a bit expensive at the moment so I'm going to see how I get on doing it from home. If the next 3 weeks show I have no discipline or imagination diet-wise then I'll buy a count-down in the New Year and it's off to group I go. I don't really like the groups - I like getting weighed and buying all the stuff, but once the shopping part is over I find it dull dull dull. The last group I went to, the Consultant was lovely- really lively and enthusiastic but she had about 40 members or so stay to group which took all of the hour and a half to read out weights and clap. No thanks. Particularly when I only lost a pound in my first week!

    I hope that with both of us doing this plan things should be a bit easier. Hubby is a chef, so rarely home- but when he is he does the cooking so if he can get his head around it all we're laughing.

    I made the diet coke chicken for us last night- yum nummy numptious! But I'm no cook so meals will tend to be pasta based.

    Weighed this morning at 12 st 4. Which is good and bad. Good as it's roughly what I was this time last year, and in fact the year before that. Bad as it shows what two years of yo yo dieting and overeating can achieve. Precisely nothing but a set point a stone and a half above what I'd like it to be.

    Mad to think that when I first joined SW I weighed 10 st 9 and I thought that was really high. Would love to be that now- but that was a decade and two children ago- and actually I think I'm a lot more body confident now, so I wouldn't go back.

    So onwards and upwards (or getupwards, kids need feeding, dressing etc).

    I think I'll have poached eggs and ham with a piece of fruit for breakfast. Then will investigate SW chicken slow cooker recipes. Then I'll put some make up on so I don't terrify the children on the school run.
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    You're not mad! I think its a good strategy to not get carried away over the festive period.

    I would say if you do end up going to group and find it dull, stick it our for a couple of weeks with an open mind and mingle. If its anything like our group those 40 people will end up being like family and sometimes you will care about their weight more than your own.

    Good luck though, looking forward to seeing how it goes for you .x.x.
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