Didn't think I was worthy of creating a Weight Loss Diary but I've lost 14lb so far so why not record how I'm feeling.

Three weeks ago I felt like an absolute failure being the heaviest I had ever been. I was made to feel welcome by my group though and I felt really positive about losing weight.

It was the third time joining SW and in my mind it was going to be my last. This has got to be the last time I join - and I need the willpower to stick it out to the end.

First weigh in was 8lb loss. I was made up.
Second weigh in was 2lb loss. I wasn't as happy about this because that week was a really good one, I followed the plan 100% and I just excpected more.
Third weigh in was 4lb. Really surprised me this morning with that - I had been to a Thai restaurant on the Thursday and really didn't hold back on the food.... But nevertheless it's a stone in a month and I haven't really felt that restricted eating.

Still don't feel anywhere near as confident as I would like to be but week by week I'm getting there.

Got a dress from Next in a size 14, for Christmas. It's not going back. I tried it on last night and it does feel a little tight on the tops of my arms but I'm determined this week to swim at least twice for as long as my body will allow me and I will not be exceeding 7 syns a day.

All in all today I'm feeling confident I can do this but tomorrow I could be the exact opposite! This could be some rollercoaster lol