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Thread: Put that down, fatty!

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    Lightbulb Put that down, fatty!

    I'm Hana and I'm furious with myself I've been here many, many, many times before and successfully lost over 40lbs about 2 years ago. I then put the whole lot back on again. I'm now 15 stone 8.5lbs at 5'10. Here's me. I'm 24

    Rather hard to find any photos of me where I'm not hiding frantically behind a smaller person trying to disguise my manatee-esque frame..

    So, after a dream at 2am one day last week where I ate my lovely other half, I got straight up and exercised the **** out of my cross trainer. Yes, I have a cross-trainer. I quit smoking 49 days ago (but who's counting?) so "treated" myself to a cross trainer. I hate it and use it only to hang my washing on. However I dusted off it's cobwebs at 2 in the morning and worked out. And I felt AMAZING. I miss feeling healthy and in control on my body.

    And so it begins. Doing this all now before New Years and in the midst of Christmas noms seems like diet suicide but I'm not one for New Years resolutions. I don't like chocolate so avoiding Christmas/New Year temptations should be okay. I work in a Children's Home so will be working most of the holidays anyway!

    I'm doing Slimming World and started on Friday. Loving it so far and eating lots of delicious food and not feeling guilty in the slightest!

    I shall be logging my delicious food adventures and general ramblings about fatness. Mainly to entertain myself and stop myself from eating all 6 frozen curly wurlys currently residing in the freezer.

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    Hi Hana, just popping in to say Hi!

    Lovely photo, you look very happy

    How's the last few days been on SW?

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    Goal Date: summer 2014

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    Total Weight Loss: 0st12.5lb
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    Hi, welcome!
    I too have been a yo-yo with SW
    Lovely pic!
    ha!, frozen curly-wurlys?....hard work to eat frozen

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    Hi Hana!


    Well done on starting slimming world and good luck on your journey.


    Pregnancy weight gain (Sept 2012 - May 2013) Weeks 1 - 37+6 - 9st 10lb - 13st 5lb

    My gorgeous daughter Millie born 18th May 2013 <3

    17th July 2013 - 12st 2lb
    6th January 2014 - 10st 5lb

    Target Weight 9st

    My post pregnancy slimming world diary

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