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Thread: Diddles Diary

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    Diddles Diary

    Well firstly I have put on around half a stone over the xmas period !

    Over indulged way to much and am now feeling fat and lethargic. So after trying slimming world last year and seeing good results iv decided to give it another bash! Im giving myself the 5 months till Summer to get in complete shape so I dont end up feeling to chubby to wear crop tops etc over the summer !

    theres some little resolutions Iv decided to keep to also so ill note those to keep me focused.

    • stop smoking
    • Dry January ( giving up drink for the whole of Jan )
    • complete a new exercise challenge each month - Jan 30 day shred
    • work out 5 times a week , and mix up what im doing when im working out.

    so far today iv eaten :

    Breakfast - tesco low fat yogurt -
    1.5 syns
    Dinner - Weight watchers tomato soup - 5 syns

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    Good luck Katie - BOOOOO to Xmas weight gains eh! I looked at the 30 day shred thing but no space in my front room to do exercise. Never mind - lucky for me I have a DW gym just 5mins stroll from my front door with lots of classes (my favourite is Body Combat) , and I quite like running (slowly) - going to try to do more though, especially the Park Runs which are free and have lots of abilities attending. Enjoy your fresh start to 2014.
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