Hi all and happy new year!!
I was just wondering how people choose their goal!
I'm currently 9'3 having lost in total 4 stone 13lbs but so far 11lbs this time round!
So, my bmi for my height etc is between 7'11 and 9'11.
I just wondered how people select their goal- my worry is that I still 'feel big'. I know I'm not weight wise but I wonder if I'll ever lose the feeling or I'll always feel big!
I'd like to hit the 8's because I've never been there but 8'13 wouldn't give me enough scope to have a 'bad' week.
So then I though to aim for 8'11 because that would be mid BMI and enough scope to gain/lose a pound or two!
Losses have definitely slowed down but that's to be expected- I just wondered how people decide that that's it! Goal achieved!