Today is my first day back on SW EE, I have until the end of May to slim down to fit into a size 14 bridesmaid dress! The dress has been bought, I just have to fit into it! In the past when I have done SW I have eaten the same thing every day, weetabix, jacket spud with cottage cheese, pork chop with veg and mash. BORING! I have done tons of research on here and looked back through mountains of SW magazines, I am willing to try stuff I haver never had before so it's all trial and error, so here goes!

Hex A - Milk in tea & Coffees
Hex B - 60g Wholemeal breadroll

Breakfast - Mullerlight and apple

Lunch - Half a ham, pepper and mushroom omelette. First time I have tried a omelette and I wasn't over keen :/
Small bowl of bolognese, made with lean mince, grated carrot, mushrooms

Snacks - Mugshot, Mullerlight, grapes, slice of ham

Tea - Tesco finest burger 4.5syns, McCains oven chips 100g 1.5syns, 1 tsp light Heinz mayo 1syn, salad.

Lunch is ready for tomorrow and I have mixed my porridge and yoghurt for 'magic porridge' for breakfast. Start as I mean to go on and be super organised!