So week one is complete and I am 4.5lbs down! 37.5lbs to go!
From the title of this thread you will see that I am an obsessive weigher; I weigh in the morning, when I come home from work, after tea, before bed and sometimes in between! I can't help it! It honestly counter acts all the good things I am doing too! I am my own worst enemy!! If I weigh on day three of the diet and I am even slightly heavier than day two, I will loose motivation and cheat! So, I have asked my husband to hide the scales..... I will now have it once a week (Sunday morning) to weigh. First week of scale deprivation and I've lost 4.5lb! Not sure what was hardest, not weighing or fighting the urge to eat as many sugary carbs that I could fit in my mouth!!
Hay Ho, onwards and upwards! Or downwards would be better in terms of weight ;o)