Here i am again...

I've gone from SW to Atkins and now back to SW again... Re-joined group last Tuesday 21st and original weight was 13.1&half and on my last weigh in i was 13 stone therefore have lost 1.5 lbs which is a loss i suppose and if im honest it was a bit of a crappy week...
I have been with my partner a few years and we have decided that we want to try for a baby but i am obv 13stone and 5"5 therefore in the overweight category nearly obese so im guessing my weight has a lot to do with the fact at the moment even though we are trying it hasnt happened yet.

Through looking at online recipes and everything I have decided that SW is probabl the better diet for me as it is very flexible in regards to all foods and we can have syns in our naughty bits so its an overall good diet.
I will be starting red-day from tomorrow as carbs and my body dont go at all make me feel bloated etc

Any help on red-day lunches would be very much appreciated as im struggling with lunches more than anything else

Thanks for reading

Love & bubbles x