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Thread: Nicki's Slimming World Diary

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    Nicki's Slimming World Diary

    Hi, I have lost 4.5 stone on SW so far in 2 years. I have 9lb to go to my first target and am struggling, so hoping keeping a daily diary will keep me on track.

    I am going to include my food diary in with this aswell

    Today I have had

    Breakfast : 2 weetabix and SS milk
    Satsuma and pear

    Lunch: Egg mayo (using 2 tbsp of extra light mayo) salad 1 syn
    Rocky Bar 5 syns
    Glass of fresh lemon water

    Snack: Carrot sticks, crabsticks, piece of ham

    Dinner - two boiled eggs two pieces of ham, 2 pears (was out at parents evening and now working so no time to cook)

    2 rich tea finger 2 syn
    Hi Fi Bar 3 syns

    HEB's - 2 weetabox and 6 brazil nuts
    HEA's - Milk and 35g cheese

    11 syns
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