Well today as been the worst day if my diet so far. I haven't stopped picking. I now feel bloated fat and very p..off with my self.

Breakfast was bran flakes. Not to bad at all then it went down hill

1 options hot chocolate with a plate of ham cucumber. Then I made the Sw pancakes. 4 of them wolfed down. If that wasn't enough another plate of ham and cucumber.

Yet another options white chocolate. 8 crab sticks handful of grapes. Then made the pasta sheet crips. Didn't really like them so only ONLY ate 3. Yes you read correct I didn't even like them lol

oh and 5 cups of green tea

ever wanted to turn the clock back and wake up and start all over again....... Dam you bad back I would Userly be cleaning all day Sundays
sorry for the rant lady's and gents. Just needed to get it of my chest