Hey Everyone, I joined SW yesterday and due to my child-care & long hours I am going to be doing it from home online. I have joined up without much thought and after our weekly shop so I am having to try and eat around what is in the pantry so I do not waste any money. Here goes for my first day...

Breakfast: 1 Wheetabix (1/2 HEB) with 125ml of Semi-Skimmed Milk (1/2 HEA) with a chopped banana

Lunch: 3 Ryvita wholegrain crispbreads (1/2 HEB) with 2 Dairylee Light triangles (1/2 HEA)
3 slices of cucumber on each - Super Free
2 carrots chopped and sliced into carrot sticks - Super Free
10 Cherry Tomatos - Free
Snack pot of mandarins in juice (they where in the cupboard) - 2 Syns
Muller Light Strawberry Yoghurt - Free

Dinner: Uncle Ben's Wholegrain Brown Rice - Free
2 Small Chicken Thighs Grilled - Free
Raspberries - Super Free
Muller Light Cherry Yoghurt - Free

Okay so other than a lack of veggies at Dinner (I had to eat at the work canteen as long shift so did the best of the options) I was doing okay. That was until an emergency meeting where I was told, oh by the way your job might not exist and if it does you might need to move the other side of London - which would be a 3 hour commute each day but here take these Krispy Kreme doughnuts and explain to your staff please ! so as you can imagine I got a bit sucked in by all the negativity in the room and ended up eating not 1 but 2 of the damn things !! So now I am having to be super good all week to try and pull back a bit on the Syns count. Hope you are all doing well today