Well. Hello diary.
Lately I have found that I've ran on here and posted when I felt a binge coming on so as to distract myself.
So in an attempt not to hog other threads, I'm starting a diary.
I will post my feelings instead of eating them.

Tonight I threw a load of choc in the fire that I had just bought today. My relationship with food is at this stage fairly disordered & I find SW brings some order to this disorder.

Sugar makes me miserable ultimately. I have it for a few days thinking I'm in control. But it always inevitably ends up with me bingeing.
The irony is though, I'm not happy when I'm eating it, I'm frustrated when I'm moderating it (& always fail).

So here I go AGAIN!!! At least this time it didnt end up as a binge. I think I threw that binge in the fire a few mins ago!!