i started slimming world on new years eve and have lost 2 stone so far. I've been spending about 10 hours a week in the gym to improve my fitness and ive noticed a huge change in my body.

hubby has just returned to work so im now lucky to be a stay at home mum with 3 babies under 3 years old, it does make it hard to not snack and to get to the gym so i'm hoping that i'll be able to regain my motivation on here.

ive gone back to week 1 today to try and boost my weight loss, i weighed in at 13st2lb this morning and im hoping to lose 2lb this week.

i have 2 hen nights and 2 weddings to go to between now and august so im hoping to hit my target weight of 12 stone by 1st august and 11stone by 1st december.