So I'm a few weeks late to starting this but here goes.

On the 26th March I started slimming world. I bought myself a pack online as at present I do not have the time to commit to a group or the funds.

When I weighed in on that Wednesday I weighed 13st10lb.

I am only 4ft11in so as you can imagine at the moment I am rather round. I am on the university cheerleading team and the last competition video made me cry. All the other girls looked stunning in their uniforms (tight lycra) and I just looked fat and frumpy. I decided enough was enough! So here is my journey.

Week 1: lost 3lbs
Week 2: lost 3lbs
Week 3: lost 5lbs (I was ill, I did nothing special this week :P)

So I'm now at week 4 and its weigh in day again today. I'm really hoping for another 3lb loss so I can make my stone!

If anyone has any advice or tips on things that could help me (I'm not a massive vege fan) it would be most appreciated!

Hope you all enjoy reading and helping me along in my journey to become the skinny woman I hope to be!