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Thread: My diary, tales of a Slimming World girl

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    My diary, tales of a Slimming World girl

    Hi all

    Seeing as I have been lurking on here for a week or so now I thought I best put a post on and stop being a stalker!

    I started SW last Monday and was horrified to learn that I have put on over 18lbs in about 10 months. Whilst I only weigh 10st 12lb this is quite heavy for my 5ft 3in frame. I am quite pear shaped so most of the weight goes on my bottom half but I am starting to notice that my stomach and arms are also getting a bit too big for my liking. Anyway after months of trying different diets and putting on more weight as soon as I stop, I thought I would try SW, as my sister has had great results.

    So as mentioned I went to my local SW meeting last Monday and was weighed at 10st 11.5lbs. I would ideally like to get down to 9st but would be happy to get to 9st 7lbs and see how I go from there. I followed the plan really well and was sure I would have lost a pound or two, so I was horrified to see that I had put 1/2lb on. I couldn't stay to the meeting this week so didn't discuss this with my consultant (plus I was mortified) so not sure why this has happened. Obviously I feel very disheartened but from having a look at other posts I think it could be because I had not eaten my syns every day (thinking I would lose even more weight!). I have it in my mind that syns are bad and it's better not to eat them. So this week I shall be upping my syns to between 5-10 a day and making sure I eat more super foods with every meal.

    So my diary for today is as follows:

    B: Two slices of brown bread, HEX B (400g loaf) with scraping of butter and teaspoon of marmalade and 2 plums; 3 syns
    L: Two LF quorn sausages, Batchelors savoury rice (half a pack) with sweetcorn
    S: Mullerlight vanilla yoghurt, cherries and strawberries
    D: M&S tinned steak in gravy (free), SW chips, 40g of reduced fat cheddar HEX A and mixed veg
    S: Kit kat 5.5 syns
    Plus lots of black tea, water and NAS squash through out the day.

    So I would really appreciate any advice and tips on my weight gain and if you see any glaring issues with my diary which I will post every day. I am not going to give up as I know I am eating so much better than I have been and am loving all the extra veg and fruit I am eating every day (which was almost non existant before, bad I know).

    Thanks all

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    Can't see too much wrong there - just a couple of things. Are your superfree vegetables one-third of your meal? On the sample menu you quote, there is no superfree with your lunch (sweetcorn doesn't count). Is your bread wholemeal?

    SOmetimes people do put a little on in their first week - don't worry too much about it and you may well see a loss next week.

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    Height: 5ft3.5in
    Start Date: May2014
    Start Weight: 10st9lb
    Current Weight: 10st0.2lb
    Goal Weight: 8st4lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 26
    Current BMI: 24.4
    Goal BMI: 20.2

    Total Weight Loss: 0st8.8lb
    Weight to Lose: 1st10.2lb
    % Lost 5.91%
    Add more salad or veg to your,plate at lunch and dinner and maybe some more fruit like berries with your brekkie ...good luck keep at it and you will see the weight come off

    i was the same with syns..think synergies not sins!!!!

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    Diet: Slimming World EE
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    Current Weight: 10st8.5lb

    BMI Information:
    Start BMI: 30.1
    Current BMI: 24

    Total Weight Loss: 2st10lb
    % Lost 20.38%
    Firstly I wanted to welcome you along. If you are at group then you should have handed in your food diary for the week and your consultant should give this back to you next week with feedback.

    You are quite right about the syns. It's a common mistake for new members to think if I cut back I will have a bigger loss, when in fact the opposite is true. To begin with I would try all 15, if not try 10 a day. Don't worry too much about the small gain, even if you are on plan as Anna says some members still see a gain first week, trust us it can happen!

    The best approach is to draw a line under it, as you have done and move on, trust in the plan and follow it closely and it does work. I think your diary looks ok. You are eating plenty of fruit. Try to aim for the one third superfree whenever you can to get the best results. I am sure looking at your diary that next week will be a good week on the scales. So good luck with everything and remember we are all here to help if you need us

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