Hi everyone!
This is my second attempt at Slimming world. I went to group the first time for 6 months and lost nearly 2st but since i left it i have had 2 children and put on more weight than i lost at group!
It is the right time now for me to focus on losing the weight and am doing SW myself at home!
I have decided to start this diary so i can keep a track of everything here in the one place.
i have just weighed myself this morning and have another 1lb off!
so that makes it :

Week 1:- -2.5lbs
Week 2:- -2lbs
Week 3:- -1lb

Hmm, i think i need to up my body magic (being so lazy at the minute as im so tired) and also need to up my superfree foods with each meal! I tend to beat myself up a bit when i dont lose as much as i had hoped so im trying to become more positive and see it that a loss at all is a step in the right direction!

One of the reasons why i am wanting to lose the weight is not only for my health and for my children so i can do more with them but also because when i was pregnant with my second child the midwife constantly made me feel like rubbish because i am overweight! Every appointment she would mention my weight (even though i was actually the same weight with my second as i was with my first!) i felt so bad at every appointment with her that i got to the stage where i dreaded the appointments but toward the end she was ok! I would love to lose the weight so if i ever have another child and have to see her she cant say anything to me about my weight!

Goal for this year - to get my BMI to a healthier level!

Hope your journeys are all going well x