So I am finally back on the wagon. I have been back at Slimming World for a few months now and lost 1st. I had lost 1st 1.5lb but due to a holiday had a gain and then lost some. I've been doing pretty well though I think. Planning in advance, batch cooking and freezing. Having one takeout a week/fortnight which for me is really good. I have batch cooked bolognese, fajita mince, veggie curry in the last couple days and frozen in chinese containers

My daughter has also joined with me. She had a baby 13 months ago and wants to lose a couple stone. She's a stone ish down as well which is fab. She's only 16 and a full time mom/in college so she's doing really well.
Today I had

B - oatmeal using 2hexb oats, 1hexa koko, 1 banana, 2 tbsp maple syrup (4)
L - veggie curry using carrot, onion, leek, potato, cauli, peas, tinned toms and spices
D - fajita mince - onion, pepper, leek, peas, vegan mince, kidney beans, tomato puree, fajita spices
S - salad - lettuce, corn, peppers
Drinks - diet pepsi x 3 (don't usually drink pop often), hot choc using 1hexa koko, 3tsp cadbury drinking choc (3)

total syns - 7

All in all a good day.