This is my SW diary, I joined on Tuesday (16th Sept) at a local group and got really inspired by my leaders story. She was telling the group about the 'Woman of the Year' awards that are coming up, and they sound magical and so special. I hope that maybe I could be a part of that next year, or the year after? It was a real incentive and I especially like that the gorgeous Peter Andre was doing their interviews, phwarrr!

I am ALOT of stones over weight, at this particular moment I am not comfortable enough to even say on here, where i am anonymous, how much I weigh. I am so embarrassed, but maybe when I have lost some I will feel okay and can tell people.

I have a 2 year old and I really would like a 2nd baby to add to my family, but sadly I am now too overweight to conceive. I have been trying 6 months, which isnt too long compared to some, i know, but when I wanted my first child, it only took 3 months so this is heartbreaking to me. It may well take alot longer to conceive this time but I want to lose the weight anyway, so this is a really big incentive for me.

Im rambling now, but Im sure I will continue to use this diary as my own personal rambling space. I can 'talk' (type) for England when I get started!