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Thread: ⭐️Aiming to be a skinny Minnie⭐️

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    ⭐️Aiming to be a skinny Minnie⭐️

    Hello everyone. This is my first shot at keeping an online diary to bare with me! First go at Slimming World after cal counting, Atkins, slim fast.. And determined to get this right. I've got PCOS and desp to have a family... So the weight has to go!

    Day 1 ( starting weight: 21st 3lbs &#128542
    Breakfast: 2 alpen light cereal bars (hex a)
    Lunch: baked potato and beans and pickled onions
    Dinner: spag Bol with side salad. Hex A- cheese
    Snacks: twiglets 7.5
    Macaroon 5.5
    Syns: 13 and lots of water, SF juice

    Day 2:
    Breakfast: special k chewy bar (hex b)
    Lunch: homemade veg soup
    Dinner: pasta Bol with salad and fruit
    Hex a milk
    Syns: macaroon x 2 :5.5
    Cream : 3
    Ice poles: 2

    Day 3
    Breakfast: Thai rice mug shot
    Lunch: vegetable soup
    Dinner: baked potato with pork loin steak and roasted veg
    Hex a- milk hex b- cereal bar
    Snacks: two fruit winders: 7
    Peanut butter : 2

    Day 4
    Breakfast: Apple and banana
    Lunch: soup and super noodles with peanut butter (4)
    Dinner: tuna and rice with veg
    Snacks : winder: 3.5
    Cream : 3
    Jelly babies: 2
    Hex a milk hex b- 6 Brazil nuts

    Day 5 (today)
    Breakfast: mullerlight and banana
    Lunch: veggie soup/mug shot mix
    Dinner: green Thai curry with rice and veggies (7 syns)
    Snacks: dunno yet
    Hex a- milk hex b- hi-fi bar

    Does this all look ok? So determined to shift this flab!!

    Lucy xx

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    Oh just realised I've put this in the wrong section... Not a great start!!

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