Hi, So I'm going to try a diary as a way of upping my motivation. Hoping that logging my food daily will be good for me. I've been back on slimming world since mid September and lost 1/2 stone but overall I've lost 2st 11lbs over the past 2 years, (was down more and put on almost 2st again?). I've did every diet, mainly WW and SW. Doing EE .... Today's diary - B/fast - 2 eggs, 2 bacon medallions, mushrooms Lunch - packed cooked beef, banana Dinner - sirloin steak, roast potato, fried main rooms and onions, salad Snacks - fat free yog, fruit salad, Syns - low fat crisps 5.5, meringue nest 3, vodka 6,
H/E a milk, H/E b 2 aldi cereal bars