Hi everyone. I'm Emma, 24, from Bristol.

I started SW back when I was at uni, lost 2st but then fell off the wagon and never managed to get back on again....since then I've tried WW, Rosemary Conley and calorie counting and have come back to what I know will work if I stick at it, but then that's where the problem lies! Im now at my heaviest....

Ive been back at SW for 8 weeks now. Did really well the first week and lost 6lbs, but then my nan went into hospital for a few weeks and so lost my way a bit. Ive gradually been chipping the pounds away and am now at a 6.5lb total loss. Not great for 8 weeks but better than nothing!

I thought I'd try posting my journey and get a bit more support as I cant always stay to group. My darling OH tries to be supportive but unfortunately his willpower is just as bad as mine!

So my first aim was to get to a stone by christmas but honestly I dont see that happening but a loss every week will do.

Long term goal - I don't really have a specific weight in mind, more of.a sizing goal - im currently at a 20 to 22. My partner and I are engaged. No date set yet, but I want to be wearing a size 10 to 12 dress!

I weigh on Wednesdays, not expecting much this week (lots of birthdays at work = lots of irresistible treats as well as other things...). Im determined that this will be the last time I do this, no matter how long it takes!

So....first diary post tomorrow! :-)