Been here writing my 'first' post so many times before, so many different diets and 'magic' pills tried and I have failed each and every one....why?...because I currently reside in 'that' magic range of dieters that expect results overnight and when they don't materialise or do but not as expected i lose my mojo and resort to going back to my old habits then moan nothing changed.

So I am hoping I'm million-th time lucky and maybe my light bulb will come on and stay on this time. I'm blessed to have a lot going for me and that should really be my motivation to get healthy (not just lose weight) but honestly I've always been too selfish and lazy to change and my relationship with food overshadows any attempt I made in the past i need to break this viscous circle and tackle my dependency on food.


I am a mummy to three beautiful children, two of which have complex special needs, and have a hard-working fiancé who i can not wait to marry next year. I recently went back to work this year after being a full-time carer and stay at home mum and although i miss my children its been the best thing i could of done. Since going back I have lost 8lbs (and kept it off,normally I lose and regain), and that is just from not eating out of boredom ('grazing') as I am constantly on the move and I am getting satisfaction from earning some pennies. I am mentally in a whole other place from last year and that is why now I think I need to get back on this horse BUT this time hold on tight despite the bumps I come across!

So after messing around and wasting the first few months of this year (I made the new year 'vow') I am finally able to pull my finger out and have made peace with not having an overnight transformation and realise if its not worth working for, then it isn't worth it full stop! I need to EARN my size 10's!!

So now I have vented I feel a lot better (may do this on a more regular basis ) I look forward to the long journey ahead, I want this time next year to be posting photos of my progress not sit here with a load more excuses why another year went past and I had not made any progress!
Will update often and bore you with how I am getting on (more like being a little overdramatic) and hopefully keep a food log on what I am eating etc.

*I know my methods of madness may not be to everyone's taste and apologise in advance if I offend*