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Thread: 1st day starting extra easy help

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    1st day starting extra easy help

    Hello I am starting on slimming world EE today I'm doing it from home I am a Male 32 yrs old and weigh 21st 6lb I have no problem with doing the diet as I'm quite committed to something when I want to be. I quit smoking 3 months ago which was part of my lifestyle change.

    Im just a little confused with free and super free foods. Just want to do it right

    Today so far break- 2 weetabix and a apple tea(no sugar) with 200ml of ss milk

    lunch- a med jacket potato with tuna and 1/3plate of salad with 2 t/spoon e-l mayo (2syns) 2 plums and a fat free muller Greek pot.

    Snack- a mug shot.

    Iplan on having a stir/fry for tea no meat tonight but a sauce mix (not sure of syn value)

    if there's any help you could pass on would be much appreciated

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    1/3 superfree food will be your salad, vegetables, it also includes passata. There are a few veggies that aren't superfree though like peas and sweetcorn.

    Syns can be calculated at 20kcals for 1syn so calculate your sauce that way.

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    Ha hah - found your fred.
    Start hopping round the boards more to get some ideas - not that you need them at the mo as you are doing brilliantly.

    I'm sure you'll have worked it out by now but . . .
    Superfree - is basically fruit and veg (including passata) BUT as Josiecat says peas, sweetcorn, parsnips, sweet potatoes aren't SF.

    On EE your free foods are the extra veg listed above plus beans, pulses, eggs, meat, fish, spuds, pasta, rice.
    Also free are fat free PLAIN dairy products which incldues ff yoghurt (flavoured ones often have syns as well), ff cottage cheese, ff fromage frais and quark made with skimmed milk. Plus vegetable protein (quorn, tofu & tvp).
    There are also your store cupboard staple like stock cubes, tomato puree, bovril (chicken & beef), herbs, spices, vinegar are free. As are low cal fizzy drink and no-added sugar squash! And the inevitable Fry Light!!!!

    The rest are either HexA (milk and cheese) or HexB (things with cereals in like bread, breakfast cereals, crispbreads plus canned or cooked fruit).

    And then there were syns ....................

    Have you read these 2 freds?

    FAQ (Slimming World FAQ's)
    Some of the info is duplicated but they make a lot of sense. I go back fairly frequently to remind myself where I am going wrong.

    I did mostly Original days (red/green) when I was heading for target as I just overeat on EE.
    So if you find you do start slowing down on EE check them out - or give me a yell and I'll help where I can!

    Good luck chico - you're doing brilliantly at the mo!
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