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Thread: Number of syns?

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    I don't have a lot to lose and I find when I cut down my syns I lose less! Like the OP said you just need to find what's right for you personally as everyone is different, I tried one week cutting down to 5 and lost lb, saved syns for weekend one week and STS and then I used between 10-15 a day and lost 3lb that week (and still went over at that the weekend!) so trial and error see what works for you

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    I have 3 stone left to lose and have 14-15 syns most days. Some days its less, but most days i'm nearer the max amount, doesnt effect my weight loss from what i can tell.

    I guess, if you wanted more and it effects your weight loss then aim lower...if your comfy at 10 and dont want to go to 15, don't force yourself to have the extra, but if you do want the extra but find its effects loses drop back down to 10

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    I have about 1 and 1/2 stone left to lose, so i give myself 84 syns at the beginning of my 'diet week'. That works well for me.

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    I have just over a stone to lose now. I was getting really disheartened a few weeks ago as I had 3 weeks of losing 0.5lb each week and felt like the weight loss had almost stopped. When I looked at the diaries for these I was having closer to 5 syns per day (I always use syns on chocolate and gave it up for Lent so was just having less syns). The last three weeks I upped my syns to 15 a day and lost 1lb, 1lb and 2lb!!! I think it's to do with eating enough to get my metabolism going but whatever it is, eating more seems to be working for me!
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