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Thread: Need a GIANT kick up the bum / is anyone gluten free?

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    Need a GIANT kick up the bum / is anyone gluten free?

    Hey everyone, not the first time posting,ive been around here for years,on and off many diets, weightloss up and down, and at the minute im just feeling very fed up, at 22 my health isnt the greatest at the moment, i have a rapid heart rate,which i am on beta blockers for which don't appear to be working (have been referred to cardiology) i suffer severe acid reflux(gerd) and ive just been diagnosed with coeliac disease,so for about a year i just havent felt myself ,im around 13 stone, and would love to be between 10-11,does anyone else follow slimmingworld while gluten free??? any advice would be appreciated x

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    Need a GIANT kick up the bum / is anyone gluten free?

    Hi sorry to hear you have not been so well. I am not gluten free but I was looking through the b options ( the bread etc) and there are plenty of gluten free breads you can have, the b-free wraps spring to mind. Or you can have cooked fruit, nuts or seeds as that option. Everything else I think you would be ok with. Think as always when you first start you will have to read your books and it will take a while to get used to the plan but that is the same with everyone. Good luck!

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    Hey Blossom, I'm coeliac and find SW really works with a gf diet. My fave breakfast is magic porridge, you mix 30g gf porridge oats with 1 muller light yoghurt and leave in the fridge to soak overnight. I chuck loads of fruit on it in the morning and it tastes delish and only costs 1 HEXb. For lunch I make a rice or pasta salad and add Tamiri sauce (gf soy sauce) to the rice or pesto with the pasts and chuck in whatever meat/fish/salad I have in the fridge. Dinner is usually meat or fish with potatoes and veg, or risotto is a family favourite. Any tips from you would be welcome as it's easy to get stuck in a rut.
    And this time I'll keep it off!

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