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Thread: Help! Motivation? Ive lost it!

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    Help! Motivation? Ive lost it!

    Hi guys,
    I've been off and on minimins since 2009 I believe. I got down to my lowest ever earlier this year (yay!)
    However, I have now gained roughly 2stone and 10lbs since the beginning of the summer.
    I know exactly what I need to do when I get on plan, I just have no idea how to get to being on plan full time. I have moved out of my parents so I thought I would love having all the freedom to cool my own slimming world meals and all I end up doing is ordering takeout and eating pizza. I feel absolutely pathetic but I am in need of some help, does anyone have any tips for me to just get on with it and get back on plan?

    (I'm not in group at the moment because of university in the evenings)


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    I'm the same as you, been on and off minimins and SW since around 2009, maybe earlier, from when I was at college right through to now, a postgrad student. I have yoyod from my heaviest, to my lightest, to midway, to nearly my lightest again, and waaaay back up to my heaviest.
    I restarted SW this week, after a year or two of fannying around and putting it off for some reason or another.
    For me, looking at the facts really helped. For the first time, my BMI is now in the dangerously overweight range, and that's what scared me into doing something about it. Also, I have a clear goal date, and purpose (don't wanna be a fat teacher, haha.) is there anything you can really focus on and set your mind to that will motivate you?
    Also you said you reached your lowest weight this year, was that by SW? If so, you know that the plan works. Think about how good it felt to get down to that weight. Harness that feeling.
    Aside from anything else, you know you are capable of doing this because you've already done it, this year! That's a fantastic achievement in itself. Well done for that, and well done for admitting to yourself that you want to do something about this.
    Finally, we (those of us on here) are here to support you and encourage you. Use us!
    Hope this helps you a little
    C x

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    You clearly know how to lose weight but your problem is keeping it off. This suggests you are looking at SW as a diet and reverting back to your old ways of eating when you get to a weight you're happy with. Unfortunately this doesn't work - you have to embrace the SW principles for life to maintain.

    I dare say you would have managed this had you not moved away from home. I guess you are on a pretty heavy schedule - I assume you work during the day so can't go to a group during the day either? Have you considered online membership?

    If you don't have the current books, perhaps you could attend group on at least one occasion during the uni vacation to get them. Once you have them, then find a few minutes each week to plan your food - some people even plan their daily treats. Shop when you're not hungry (to minimise temptation) and only buy what you need. If you can, batch cook so that you have things which only need heating or search out meals that can be cooked from scratch very quickly. You'll be eating more healthily and more cheaply than relying on takeouts - think of something that you can spend the money you save on.

    Check out the recipe sections on here for ideas and you will find the diaries full of inspiration too. If you have a few minutes each day, keep your own diary on here as you will soon gain some friends who will help you on your journey.

    You have done this before and you can again. Good luck - and don't forget to keep some fruit in your bag for those odd moments when you need something to eat!

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