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Thread: hello, another newbie - class question

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    hello, another newbie - class question

    Hi everyone, I'm actually in my 2nd week and have lost 5.5lb in my first week (weigh in Thursday).

    I've got a question about sw class though. I have to take my 3 year old on Thursday morning (don't like her hearing diet talk and she gets bored) and wondered about weighing then and then coming back in the evening and staying to class at that point?

    I'm reluctant to completely change my time as dh sometimes goes out Thurs evening so occasionally I'll not get out. Also I'd have to weigh after the chat anyway as he's often not home till 7 when it start but 730 is image therapy.

    What do you think?

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    Hi, well done on your first week's loss!

    You could weigh then in the morning and come back for the evening chat. I am sure that would be OK with your consultant. I find it easier to get weighed and then stay for the image therapy alltogether. Making two trips to class in one day could wear thin and you may not go all together.

    Maybe talk to your consultant about your options. She may let you weight at 7.20 before 7.30.

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