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    Slimming World Help

    Hi Everyone!

    I really need to lose some weight so thought I would try Slimming World as my friends have done it and lost weight. I can't afford to go to meetings or do it online so my friend photocopied some of her stuff for me and I just have a few questions!

    1. In the syns which is the orange column? (She photocopied it black and white)
    2. How do you figure out how many syns are in something that isn't in the book?


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    I cant help with the photocopies you have but the general rule is 1 syn per 20 cals for everything with no free food allowance.

    Good luck

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    I don't have the new SW book, I'm still working with my old red/green day book. Is the orange column extra easy? In my book, the red days were the left hand column and the green days were the right hand column and they had the letters 'O' (original) and 'G' (green) above each column to indicate which was which. Are there no column headings on the copy you have? I'd imagine the extra easy column would be headed up as 'EE' or something but I could be wrong.
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    Orange is extra easy
    Ditto the 20 calories is around 1 syn, That's what I tend to use as a rough guide. Usually if you google something with 'syn' in search you may be lucky to find it on some forum!
    Could even try ebay to find any cheap SW books?
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    The EE/orange is the first column and usually if you want a syn value if you ask a question on here someone will help find it for you. There are books online, but just make sure theyre up to date, or get the magazines for some help, at least you can keep up to date with the healthy extras etc then.
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    I just got the book 2 weeks ago and orange is the first column then red and green, the 1 syn per 20 cals is a brill tip I hadn't heard before, thanks tinkerbell 2012

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    Thanks for all the replies and help! I must get started now in the new year losing this weight! Thanks everyone

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