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    Pregnant - Slimming World

    Hi everyone! So I have just found out I am pregnant! Still early days but I am already eating my way into oblivion! I feel sick at the thought of everything apart from unhealthyness I need to do something quickly it's not healthy for me or baby! Sooooo! Has anyone done slimming world whilst pregnant? I have read it's safe but I can't afford to go the meetings, I've just dropped part time as I have an 11 month old so I need all my pennies! Has anyone else done it? any tips? I'm not really expecting to lose any but it would be nice, my aim is to put on as little as possible and be healthy. I was lucky last pregnancy.. I lost over a stone don't think this ones going to be the same eeekk!

    Thank you in advance x

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    There are loads of pregnancy threads here: Slimming World - Pregnancy & Breastfeeding

    Finally on IG weeneevie (be kind, I am new)

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    Re: Pregnant - Slimming World

    Congraaaats x

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    Congrats! Come and join us in the SW pregnancy thread and also in the Pregnancy Without the Pounds section, there are lots of us there at various stages of pregnancy.

    I'm 39 weeks (due in two days!) and have been trying to follow SW as I lost 5.5 stone before falling pregnant. It was very hard at the start as like you I struggled to eat anything healthy. I had a lot of nausea, which was only improved by eating large amounts of toast, and food aversions which left me feeling sick at the thought of eating veg, yogurt and other such healthy things. I couldn't cook either as the smell of the kitchen made me sick too! So SW went out the window for quite a while but I have tried to stick to it where I can since I got my taste for good food back. I have had a few treats as well but generally I have tried to make good choices. I will admit that I've been pretty bad the last week or so but that's mainly down to reaching the end and being a bit fed up with it all! I'm also not very mobile due to SPD and have ended up relying on my husband to do a lot of the cooking which means I've not necessarily been getting SW friendly meals

    I've gained just over 2.5 stone during my pregnancy which I guess isn't too bad but is more than I would have liked. There are other ladies who have done much better than me though and some who have even ended up lighter post pregnancy.

    In terms of SW, if you do EE you get an extra HE A and B choice if you are pregnant. I only do green days and there is no official guidance for green so I'm a bit naughty and give myself an extra A and B anyway but I don't necessarily recommend that lol. My midwife was totally happy for me to do SW although she did say that I shouldn't be aiming to lose as such but to not gain more than I need to. As it's a healthy eating plan rather than a diet she was happy with it and it's considered totally safe to do diring pregnant and there is also guidance for doing SW when you're breastfeeding too.

    Good luck and hope to see you around x
    My diary:

    Lost 5.5 stone with Slimming World in just over a year, shortly before we finally got our BFP 10 April 2013 after a long time waiting and hoping!

    Seth Rowan was born on 15 December 2013 - our gorgeous and long awaited son <3

    Target - to get rid of my pregnancy weight!

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