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Thread: Thinking of coming back to sw

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    Thinking of coming back to sw

    Hi. I am thinking of coming back i have been doing calorie counting. I need to eat healthier cleaner foods do you think slimming world will work best for me? my problems are the evening what snacks can i have?
    i normally have crisps and chocolate any help would be appreciated thanks very much

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    SW recommends that fruit and vegetables should be the first choice for snacks, but of course you can have crisps and chocolate if you have them as syns

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    You can have upto 15 syns a day and can spend them on what u wish so if u want chocolates and crisps then enjoy them without the guilt :-)

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    There are crisps you can make yourself on SW using either potato or pasta (these are technically 'tweaks' so some SW purists would say you have to syn them. Personally I see them as a way to enjoy what I like once in a while and as long as it doesnt affect my weightloss I use them as a treat and dont syn them) Roaster chickpeas are also a lovely alternative to nuts.

    There are also loads of dessert and sweet/ chocolate recipes that are quite low syn. Im sure if you search the recipe threads you will find some.

    Or you could use your syns on crisps, but why not add some carrot/pepper/celery sticks to help fill you and boost your superfree at the same time. I do this with pringles and i feel much better knowing I'm kind of balanacing it out but I also eat a lot less rubbish food. There are some fab free dips you could make to go with them too.x.x.
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