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Thread: Totally clueless and looking for the right diet for us

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    Totally clueless and looking for the right diet for us

    Evening, I havn't been on here for ages so very briefly: I was on the dukan diet at the beginning of this year and it was great, however my weight plateaued at 9st and i soon discovered this was due to baby number 3 being on the way. So fast forward and our lovely second Daughter is now 6 weeks old, I have (once again) indulged my cravings and gained rather a lot of weight

    I want to start trying to lose this weight after Christmas and dukan is not suitable right now (i am breast feeding and dairy free and dukan relies on a lot of dairy). A lot of people have said slimming world would be good for us but i know nothing about it and am finding it hard to get the info. I want to be ready to start on the 2nd January (if it feels right for us) so i was hoping you may be able to guide me to info or explain it a bit.

    There are a lot of meets near me and my friend does attend one, do you think they are worth while? I tried to go to a yoga class once a week and was made to feel like i was abandoning my children and being very selfish so i can just imagine them being a pain to get to. They are also either at a time when i'd have to bring all 3 children or my husband would walk in the door to have me leave him with the older 2 and have to put them to bed.

    I found the online support when doing dukan invaluable and i'm sure it will be the same in here i have 2 stone to lose now and i don't expect it to come off quickly but i want to be back to 9st by next Christmas
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    Hoping to lose the baby weight while running around after T (5), T (3) & little baby N

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    Slimming world is probably the most flexible
    of all plans.

    In a nutshell you eat freely from free foods (much like Dukan but much wider and less carb phobic) and superfree (most fruit and veg) ensuring that 1/3 plate is superfree for every meal.

    On top of this you have one healthy extra a choice (calcium) and one healthy extra b (fibre based) choice each day and 15 syns which can be spent however you want. They go further on "ingredients" that you add to meals but you can also spend them on sweet things too.

    This is the extra easy plan and the rules differ for red and green days but extra easy is the least restrictive and the one that most would at least start on.

    There is a massive emphasis on fresh food and cooking from scratch. That said it can be made easy. There are loads of threads on here and you can look at people's diaries to see if it would work for you.
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    Welcome and congratulations on your new baby.

    The Slimming World plan is very family friendly and does not require you to eat meals which your family can not share - a very important consideration when you have a very little one to care for.

    If you look further up the board, you'll find a sticky entitled SW Advice for New Comers which will give you an overview of the plan. There is also a sub-forum entitled SW Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.

    You can sign up to Slimming World online if you would find the meeting difficult to get to, and then you would have access to all the information you need. Alternatively, you could attend at least one meeting to have the plan explained and get the books, but I always feel this is a little unfair on the consultants!

    You will get plenty of support on this website and I'm sure you will make some friends who are in a similiar position to you.

    Good luck.

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    Why don't you ask your friend who goes to SW if you can have a look at her books, they will give you a very clear idea if the nuts and bolts of the plan.

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    I definitely recommend group. I did slimming world at home and if no one saw the scales it didnt matter.

    Group has so many ideas and keeps you motivated. Im 12lb down in 3week and not been hungry. Its everything in moderation. Chocolate abd crisps included lol
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    Hello and congratulations

    I would totally recommend SW. I have 2 young children and find it so easily suitable to having a young family. Our house is like an asylum at times, but even snack time is something we can all enjoy.

    I really wish I had joined SW sooner instead of almost a year after my daughters birth. That year added about 3 stone! but in 8 months I am 5 1/2 stone lighter and probably the happiest and healthiest I have ever been. I also think because it focuses on healthy eating rather than dieting so it is setting the kids up to have a healthy outlook on food too, they dont see mammy dieting, they see mammy having a healthy relationship with food.

    The support here for SW is fab, but I really would recommend going and staying to group if you can, it made all the difference to me and I find I don't hit lows where I need to seek out inspiration, I get it every week automatically by sticking around.

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    All the info you need is on the Slimming World website - have you had a look there? There's lots of helpful articles and info

    Lifelong healthy eating

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    Don't let people make you feel bad for trying to make yourself healthier which can only benefit your children as well. You are a person in your own right not just a mummy. Take some time to make yourself feel better I'm sure your OH can cope with putting the kids to bed on his own one night a week!
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    Kay x

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