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Thread: 5ft 4 " 15 st and nearly 40 a veggie too anyone else like me?

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    5ft 4 " 15 st and nearly 40 a veggie too anyone else like me?

    would love support from similar people to myself, any hints and tips would be gratefully recieved

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    Hi I'm 5ft1 14st7 and 29.

    I lost. 3 stone but a chunk back on and now back to plan.

    I'm not at target so can't say my tips work but what I would say is you need to be strong, don't go off plan willy nilly I really think about the times I want a day off and try mske it few n far between.
    Break your goal into small target I use whole numbers, next stone brackets etc that way every 4-5lbs is a mini achievement it helps me.
    And plan I spend my time planning keeps me busy so I'm not eating

    from fat to skinny jeans

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    Diet: Slimming World
    Height: 5ft3in
    Start Date: 21/10/2013
    Start Weight: 15st4lb
    Goal Weight: 12st13lb
    Goal Date: April 2014

    BMI Information:
    Goal BMI: 32.1
    Apart from the Veggie, then I'm the same !

    I can't give any tips really. Think you need to find new ways to be motivated each day.
    There are 2 ways of checking weight loss.

    Pounds and Inches.

    Click HERE to join my One stone at a time Challenge/target.

    Reached 5% on 18/04/2012

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