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Thread: Last bit of inspiration: the final push!

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    Last bit of inspiration: the final push!

    So I signed up today as after Christmas I've found it hard to stay on the rails.

    Happily, I've lost at least 1.5lbs every week since joining Slimming World in August which I'm proud of. Problem is, I'm an all or nothing kind of guy, and I know that now that I've dabbled in nice food (a little bit) and drink (a lot of) over Christmas, it's hard to shake the habit.

    I want to be at my target for my 29th birthday in August which I know would be easy if I had the same determination as I had when I joined. The only problem is, with weight loss comes self-esteem boosts. With self-esteem boosts comes going out, getting drunk etc, etc.

    I lost a lot of weight previously but never quite finished he journey. This time I am determined to do so, but feel I need help in doing so, so here I am.

    Any advice or encouragement appreciated.
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    I think Im in the same boat as you! I would love to reach my target before my birthday in July, but since christmas I have just been messing about.

    I have written, on the back of my book, the reasons I joined and wanted to lose weight. I also have some not so flattering photos from before SW. I look back at them and try to remember how I felt before joining and how I feel now in comparison. This might help? or try noting all of the things that could get in your way, all of the reasons you want to stay on track and the reasons you like NOT to be on plan.

    Could you maybe try and to the dry january challenge?
    Or try SE for a few days to get you back on track?
    Or instead of going out for drinks with your friends why dont you do something else? Go paintballing, to the cinema, bowling. Hopefully your friends understand how much your weightloss means to you and would support the change of plans.

    Do you go to class or do SW from home?
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    no words of wisdom from this bench but I'm full of support and encouragement. You've tackled the first step of joining and staring to plan now all you've got to do is follow through

    Good Luck
    I pledge to take it 1 lb at a time and to ease up on myself when I make a mistake.

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